I offer video production services, and have provided this page to give you an idea of the costs involved based on: 

  • Duration
  • Scope & Content


I create primarily promotional, instructional and entertainment videos.

The essential process is: 

  1. Gather/capture resources
  2. Edit
  3. Review
  4. Iterate
  5. Deliver

Duration is a dimension that you'll most likely be able to specify with little difficulty, but Scope and Content are a little more difficult, so let's break them down, shall we?

Scope refers to the possible locations, number of people and travel required in order to capture the source video needed for the project.  Scope can vary from an informal capture session at your offices to full-blown international endeavours.

Content refers to the actual resources that will be needed- for example: 

  • Video - how many cameras need to be rolling at once, will there be any additional lighting requirements, etc.
  • Audio - does the audio of the captured scene need to be of high quality?  Can audio be overdubbed later?  Is there a music requirement?
  • Graphics - does your project require graphics?  Will you specify them or do they need be generated?  Is there any animation required?

Providing any or all of these significantly affects costs.  The more I have to capture or produce, the more time I will spend, and the more it will cost.  This is a simple metric that is all too often overlooked- not by readers of this page, of course! 


Specify the Parameters of your Production and request a Quotation:

Note: For short videos it's more cost effective to save on setup fees and engage me to produce more than one at once.

Name *
Try and give me as much information about your project as possible for the best estimation of its cost.
How many videos would you like to make in one run? Only choose more than 1 here if your videos are similar in parameters.
Estimate the approximate desired duration of the finished videos(s).
Specify what kind of project we're talking about here.
Tell me where I'll be filming.
How many cameras will need to be rolling simultaneously? (Unless there's a specific need to capture difficult to repeat action, 1 is usually fine.)
What are the audio quality requirements?
Content - voiceover scripting
Will you need a simple script to be written to accompany / enhance your production?
Content - voiceover recording
Does your production require the recording of voiceover?
How heavily will the piece need to be edited? Shorter videos generally require more editing. Distilling lots of footage and curating only the best footage is also an editing-heavy task. Don't worry if you're not sure how much editing will be required yet.
Any additional comments? Please feel free to ask me specific questions about parameters and fees.