Set Your Soul Free by Just the Just Music Video uses Google's #deepdream Software

I made a music video this week!  It's been a while since my last one.  I used Google's neural network driven image categorisation software to generate much of the artwork for the piece.

"Set Your Soul Free" is the first track from the album "Escape Velocity" by Just the Just. This music video may be the world's first to make use of Google's #deepdream software as an integral part of the work.

To talk tools for a moment, I recorded the music in Apple's Garageband, (playing bass and guitar, arranging keyboard parts and singing) and filmed the raw footage using a Mobius Actioncam as well as an iPhone6 (In particular the slow motion parts).  I used Final Cut Pro to assemble the footage and export individual frames, that were then made available to the deep dream software.

I wrote custom versions of the software so that I could finely control how the algorithms were applied.  Rather than simply running the footage through the algorithms, in some cases I used shape masking to build up the final images from components, including some parts of the original footage- for example the sky.

Set Your Soul Free Filmclip taster

Here are some snippets from the first filmclip to be produced for my "Escape Velocity" album.  It features customised application of Google's deepdream algorithms.  My computer fans have been running for a couple of days now.  I'm very happy with the result though, and am pushing the limits of what I've learned to do so far, not to mention what my machines are capable of.  Even 16G of RAM is sometimes not enough for these greedy algorithms!

"Set Your Soul Free" is the first song on the album "Escape Velocity" written and performed by Justy, aka Just the Just.