Skate light revisited

A few years ago I put a pair of lights on my skateboard and took some 60 second exposures of the board in motion, as well as some nice hand held twirly light effects:



The problem though was always one of battery robustness.  The lights are 12V, and my solution then was to use a single 12v penlight battery- but for the life of me I could never find a battery holder for them.

So I made my own, but it was never as rugged as it could have been.

Fast forward a few years.  I learned to weld, and make things properly.  Enter the steel frame of doom!

Oh yeah, and the onboard Arduino!  Yes, it was time to put some smarts onboard.  The Arduino Uno is connected to a tilt switch than gives a pretty good idea of when the board is decelerating and so can turn on the rear ‘brake’ light when this happens.

Here’s the cover I’ve placed over the steel ‘room’:


Needless to say it’s also possible to fade up and down each light, adding to the overal laser sound effect aspect of all of this.

Here’s the ‘headlight’:

.. and the ‘Brake Light”:


Not only does it keep me safer out on the roads at night, it also makes real purty artworks.