Second batch of scarves

I’ve made some more scarves (expect nothing else from my knitting machine for at least a while) and I’ve also discovered the joys of blocking.

If you don’t know what blocking in, I shall explain.  Normally, when one knits a scarf (whether by hand or machine) with most yarns, the natural tendency of the garment is to roll up.



Blocking is the process of (optionally) pinning the garment down, then wetting and heating it.  The best way I know to do this is with an iron.  In this case, one doesn’t even need to pin the scarf down; the action of the iron lays it flat quite nicely, and after a few passes, it stays that way.

This method works better with woolen scarves than cotton (and I’m really enjoying using cottons at the moment because of their size I can work designs that have two seperate strands) but the results with cotton are acceptable.

Just use the settings for the yarn involved as you normally would, and be persistent and consistent.

Here are two blocked scarves.  The colours aren’t what I would normally choose for scarves I’d make for myself; these are Christmas pressies. :)