First Knitting Machine Scarves

Here is a collection of photographs of my first run of machine knit scarves.  None of them have been blocked as of yet so they tend to roll up a tad.


Scarf the First

I used blue and white cotton threads to create this effect.  Notice that on some rows there are ‘errors’.  I use inverted commas there because the effect is quite pleasing, so let’s think of them instead of ‘pleasing mutations’.


Scarf the Second

Here is a similar effect using red and brown cotton.  I like using cotton by the way because my knitting machine is mid-guage and thinner yarns allow me more options; in this case for example to use more than one strand.


Scarf the Third

In this scarf I’m using an open weave (probably not the correct term, but that’s what issues forth from my lips when I see it) by bringing forward only some of the hooks.  Specifically, I brought two forward and left three back.

Here’s a closeup of the pattern.