Knitting Machine

Given the fact that a pair of iPhone headphones costs around $35 (and the supplimental fact that they seem to break at the slightest provocation) you’ll understand my excitement at the fact that I spent only $25 on this Empisal KH-90 knitting machine.

I know how to knit by hand and do enjoy that a great deal, but there was something very appealing about a machine that could make this easier.

Also, I figured that even if I failed completely to make it work, it could still be slapped up on a wall somewhere as art, darling; much in the same way that some people do with old piano innards.

It came with no manual and so I found one on a popular auction site. While I waited for that to arrive, I found some manuals online for other models, and these were of some help- many aspects of knitting machines are generic. I did manage to get some basic ‘swatches’ made but it was tough going.

Later I realised that tension is everything- once I established what setting to use with a given ply, things went a lot more smoothly.