How I made "The crumb that got away"

Watch the original movie here! 

Part One : Latex Heads

I love this sort of stuff- recently I saw some making of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.  Whilst my movie isn’t quite as gory as that flick, we do share one thing on common- the use of latex.

I used said latex to help me create a series of similar heads for the main character.


Each head was mounted on a piece of armature wire.  This allowed me to place the heads on the body and maintain a good level of consistency.

Here’s how I went about creating the heads.

First, I started with the existing head, slicing it into two parts, and laying them flat on the lid of a biscuit tin:


Then, I coated them with about 10 layers of latex:


After the latex dried it was time to make the ‘mother mould’.  I did this by using the biscuit tin base as a container for the plaster. 


What this meant was that after removing the original plasticine, there was a hard backing behind the latex, and I could push in new plasticine to make the heads.

Each head was close to identical- to achieve the different looks I just pushed the clay around a bit to get the basic head shape, and then added different kinds of mouths and eyes.  The hair was felt, cut with pinking shears.  In the previous two stop motion shorts I’d made, I’d used the goatee of a Stalin kit I had.  The trouble with that of course was that every single accidental bump would show up on camera!