Justy's Music has reached Escape Velocity!

I've been playing music since I was 13, and have written dozens of songs and (home) recorded hundreds of tracks.  It was time to release some of those songs, and so recently I put down the planes and picked up the guitar and bass, and re-recorded some of my favourite ones.

The result is "Escape Velocity" - A Funk/Soul collection of 6 songs and one remix.

I'm proud to say that this record is 100% autotune-free!

It will shortly be available for preorder on iTunes and soon thereafter for purchase and streaming on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, etc.

In the meantime you can listen to track 1 "Set Your Soul Free" right now on justy.me right here:

"Set Your Soul Free" is one of the funkier tracks on the record.  Here's an album listing and a short description of the tracks:

1. Set Your Soul Free : Funky, positive call to action.

2. Funky Papa : Soulful tale of a father and the love of his #1 son

3. Escape Velocity : The funk pop title track tells you that there's more to life than being hypnotised by screens and suggests that we should attend the planet's needs while still performing stellar deeds.

4. Wonderful Thing : A funky, soulful ballad about unrequited love that's the sing-iest track on the record.

5. Q : The album's instrumental- polyrhythmic bass-heavy grooves will make you dance and wonder where is one?

6. Live Hip-Hop : Dedicated to the art of creating Hip-Hop with live instruments in the spirit of The Roots and The Goats, this track provides sticky rhymes so you can fill your tin- so pack them in and light them up; you'll be seeing fractal patterns when you start to sup.

7. Set Your Soul Free (Cyber Remix) : Listen to this one late at night with headphones when you're in the mood to be taken on a musical trip.